RTKids Interview Series: Meet Oona

In our new interview series, author Tim Federle sits down with a Rosie’s Theater Kids student to get the scoop on life behind the scenes. Up next: Oona (pictured).

Tim: Oona, you’re a twelve-year-old New York City eighth grader who must get a lot of questions about her first name. What do most people ask?

Oona: Is it Spanish?

Is it?
No. It’s Irish. It means unity.

What do you think your friends would guess Oona means, based only on your personality?
Unique. Or, like, crazy. My friends say that I’m like really funny.

Did you grow up in an artistic family?
My parents are both actors, and my mom also sings. And my dad does a lot of improv.

What was the first show you remember seeing when you started taking classes at Rosie’s?
Cinderella on Broadway. I remember there were a lot of students from Rosie’s there, and I got to see some of my friends see a Broadway show for the first time..

You started seriously performing when you were about 10; where do you think you’re going to be in another 10 years?
Probably doing musical theater. Or writing. Harry Potter and John Green are my favorite books.

Have you ever written a book?

Oh, I sort of asked that as a joke! What is your book called?
My Villain Tale. It’s about this girl who goes to this all girls’ school, and she has this interest in villains. And you know how people always say villains are bad and evil? She doesn’t believe that they are. She believes that the have a reason. She figures out the secret about her family, about villains, about… that’s all I’m going to say, because I might spoil it.

How long is your book?
203 pages.

203 pages! What’s the font

[In the background of the call, Oona’s mom and dad independently verify the book is written in “12-point font with slightly wider margins.”]

Wow! Have Mom and Dad read it?
[Mom jumps into the conversation]

Mom: I read it twice.

What’s the verdict on the book?
Oona: I think they liked it.

Mom: Um, I loved it.

What do the other kids say that you wrote a book?
When I told my friends, they were like: I want to write a book too now.

And did any of them?
Yeah. My friend is writing one right now.

As told to Tim Federle. Interview edited and condensed.

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