Frequently Asked Questions

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I am a parent. How can my child become part of Rosie’s Theater Kids (RTKids)?

Our in-school program, PS Broadway, is available to 5th graders in select New York City public elementary schools. Students who are a part of our after-school program, ACTE II, are chosen from the students we teach in the PS Broadway program. Currently, we do not serve students outside of those programs.

How can I get RTKids to come to my school, or my child’s school?

RTKids’ PS Broadway program serves public elementary schools in Manhattan with a high percentage of students eligible for the Federal Free Lunch program. Only the principal can submit a request for RTKids. If you or your student is in a public elementary school, or if you are a teacher or administrator of one of those schools, please talk to your principal about the possibility of RTKids coming to your school.

While we are currently at capacity in our PS Broadway program, we keep potential schools on a waiting list, should any openings occur in the future. Interested principals can contact our PS Broadway Director, Thecla Harris.

Can I intern for RTKids?

A limited number of internships are available throughout the year for college students. For more information, visit our Internship Program page.

Can I volunteer for RTKids?

RTKids currently accepts volunteers who are doing so as part of a corporate philanthropy program at their place of work. Please check with your company to see if they honor volunteer hours. If so, send an email to, stating your company’s name, the name of your company’s philanthropic arm, and your availability for volunteering.

How can I support RTKids?

RTKids is a not-for-profit organization, funded entirely by private, foundation, and corporate donations. To help us make an even greater difference, visit our Donation Page.

We also accept in-kind Donations. Past donations have included clean, new dancewear for our scholarship students, and catered lunches for our Summer Intensive program. We would be grateful for any in-kind support you have to offer. Please email to let us know about it!

How can I get an RTKids t-shirt?

Sorry, but our t-shirts are not currently for sale.

Is RTKids interested in starting a branch in other cities?

A program that expands to other cities is currently in development; however, RTKids is not accepting unsolicited requests to collaborate with programs outside of New York City at this time.

How can I contact Rosie O’Donnell directly?

Feel free to peruse Rosie’s personal blog. There is a section in it called “Ask Ro.”

Email addresses listed on this site serve RTKids as an organization and are not a way to contact Ms. O’Donnell.

My child is a talented young performer. Can you recommend classes and/or an outlet for their talent?

Unfortunately, we are unable to recommend specific training programs for young performers. We suggest you contact your local arts council to find appropriate and effective classes or programs for your child.

Can you help me fund my special project?

RTKids is a not-for-profit organization and is not a foundation. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer grants or funding for projects outside of our own programs.