Eighty percent of our students come from low-income families, and most of them must overcome severe disadvantages to realize their dreams. RTKids is dedicated to bringing music, movement, and a greater love for learning into the life of every child we reach – without charging them a penny.

We cannot keep our programs running without the support of generous benefactors who share our mission. To help transform the lives of thousands of deserving youths, please choose one of the options below.

The Show Must Go On!

You can easily make a tax-deductible donation by simply clicking this button!

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By helping to raise the funds needed to provide mentoring and development for these wonderful, talented boys and girls, I truly feel like I’m a part of saving these kids’ lives.Michael Goldstein, Vice President, RTKids Board of Directors
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Producers for RTKids

Producers for RTKids is a select group of theater producers who believe in the mission of Rosie’s Theater Kids. With an annual commitment of tickets, referrals, event support, or cash donations valued at $1000 or higher, Producers for RTKids contribute to the development of the Velvet Seat Fund, as well as providing assistance in developing resources within the Broadway and professional theater community and serving as advocates for the organization. Finally, Producers for RTKids have the opportunity to network with other Producers at annual receptions at Rosie’s Theater Kids’ Maravel Arts Center.

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Interested in being a Producer for RTKids? Contact Lindsay Miserandino at (646) 434-2781 or lindsay@rosiestheaterkids.org, to discuss your involvement. You can also simply make your “Tax-Deductible Contribution,” and write “Producers for RTKids” in the comments field.

Where Does Your Money Go?

One Student's Ticket to a Broadway Show
One Master Class for a group of deserving low-income students
A scholarship for one student to the Spotlight on Fitness program
High school and college admission tutoring and mentoring for one ACTE II student
Broadway show tickets for one PS Broadway class of 25 students
One week of Spotlight on Fitness classes to PS 51
'Adopt' a participating PS Broadway school

2015 Producers for RTKids include:

Judith Ann Abrams*
Margot Astrachan*
Darren Bagert
Broadway Across America
Barbara Broccoli
Curt Forsythe
Susan Groner*
James Nederlander
Daryl Roth
Jordan Roth
Nick Scandalios
Thomas Schumacher
Beth Williams

*denotes member of the Producers for RTKids Steering Committee

Velvet Seat Fund

The Velvet Seat Fund was created in 2013 to ensure that all of our PS Broadway students can experience the magic of attending a Broadway show.

When we started RTKids, Rosie was stunned to learn that these neighborhood children had never stepped into a Broadway theater.  Upon taking our first group of kids to a Broadway show, one little boy surveyed the 200 empty seats in front of him and asked Rosie, “Where do we sit?” Rosie gestured towards all the open seats in the orchestra, to which the young student replied incredulously, “In the velvet?”

Since then, we’ve been able to send over 15,000 students to Broadway shows! Every dollar raised for the Velvet Seat Fund will enable us to purchase more theater tickets for low-income public school children in New York City.

To donate to the Velvet Seat Fund, you may fill out the online form below or contact our Director of Advancement, Lindsay Miserandino, by emailing lindsay@rosiestheaterkids.org. All donations entered into the following form will go directly to the Velvet Seat Fund.”

To Make a Donation to the Velvet Seat Fund. . .

Want to Host an Event?

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in planning a special event for RTKids! To get started, please review our event guidelines. If everything sounds good, click the link to fill out our questionnaire.

  • If you are interested in organizing a fundraiser, we request that you contact us to discuss your idea at least 2 months prior to the event/project and complete the form we’ve linked to at the bottom of the page.
  • RTKids does not partner with individuals to organize fundraisers. The organizer must understand that they will be acting privately and not as an agent of the organization.
  • You must first obtain authorization from RTKids in order to use its name, trademarks, and/or logo for promotional items developed for the fundraiser. RTKids must not be used in the title of the event nor listed as a sponsor of the event and a copy of all printed materials must be sent to RTKids for approval before they are distributed.
  • RTKids does not sponsor or underwrite any private fundraisers. The event organizer or identified sponsor(s) is responsible for underwriting 100% of the total cost of producing the event.
  • RTKids must be informed of any corporations or organizations that will be approached to sponsor the event so as to eliminate possible conflicts with existing supporters of RTKids.
  • Gifts made to the event name and/or organizer are not tax-deductible. Only checks made out to Rosie’s Theater Kids are eligible to receive a tax-deduction.
  • RTKids will promote fundraisers to the extent agreed upon at the time of its proposal, but will not participate in the sale of tickets or be responsible for providing any sponsors, celebrities or speakers for the event.

Once you’ve filled out our questionnaire, send it to us via mail, fax, or email. Thanks again!

By mail:
Lindsay Miserandino
Rosie’s Theater Kids
445 W. 45th St. New York, NY 10036

By fax:
(212) 247-0111

By email:

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Legacy Society

Many donors like to leave a gift to charity in their will, estate plan, or as a beneficiary of a retirement plan. We have created a Legacy Society as a way of recognizing individuals who have made such a gift. We encourage you to Contact Us to discuss.