Core Programs

RTKids PS Broadway program children rehearsing

Phase I: PS Broadway

Goal: To Ignite
The foundation of the RTKids program, PS Broadway, is a 15-week, in-school program designed to introduce students to American musical theater. Every fifth grade class at participating schools receives in-depth exposure to the theatrical arts in the heart of the city where Broadway was born. This program is provided at no cost or at a highly subsidized rate to ensure equitable access to all students and schools.
We’re rehearsing for life. Rosie O'Donnell

PS Broadway is supported, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Rosie’s Theater Kids serves the schools who need us most. Since our founding in 2003, we have touched the lives of over 60,000 students. Our criteria for choosing schools:

    • Those with the highest level of need, based on the percentage of students receiving free lunch.
    • A strong commitment and shared vision by both the principal and teaching staff.
    • Ability to provide a space for weekly classes furnished with a tuned piano.
    • A site visit by an RTKids staff member to determine if these criteria can be met.

Schools We Serve

Phase II: ACTE II (Lower School)

Goal: To Immerse
ACTE II (A Commitment to Excellence) is RTKids’ effort-based, pre-professional program for outstanding graduates of PS Broadway. Every student receives a full scholarship to participate beginning the summer after they finish 5th grade. In the lower school, students in grades 6-8 participate in rigorous arts classes, and receive intensive preparation to apply to and audition for specialized and selective New York City public high schools.

Phase III: ACTE II (Upper School)

Goal: To Invest
Students from ACTE II Lower School who commit to excellence may continue with the scholarship program through high school. RTKids invests in these students in every way, offering personalized training in the arts, academic tutoring, SAT and Regents test preparation, college application guidance, and a myriad of social services to ensure that they graduate from high school. Our training prepares these students to act professionally in any chosen field, including the performing arts, and every student pursues some sort of post-high-school education. Learn more about our ACTE II programs below . . .

Stats at a Glance

PS Broadway
1,400 Students.

From low-income families
English Language learners

140 Students.


Across All Programs
Approximately 1,900 students.


Arts Plus

The Assured Guaranty Arts Plus (A+) program supplements the ACTE II program by providing students with tutoring, coaching, and skills development. This ensures students succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Every eighth grader enjoys academic assistance, private audition coaching, and application advice for specialized and selective New York City public performing arts high schools. Ninth and tenth graders receive structured tutoring tailored to their needs. Every high school junior and senior receives individual guidance on college selection, college application assistance, audition preparation, and ACT tutoring. All high schoolers also receive Regents prep.

Summer Intensive

The Summer Intensive uses technique classes to establish a strong foundation of performing arts skills. Students meet Monday through Friday for full-day arts classes, and become fully immersed in tap, ballet, theater dance, drama, music and voice. Our newest students, rising 6th graders, attend for two weeks, while our seasoned students attend for up to six weeks.

The Safe Haven Project

The Safe Haven Project formalizes RTKids and our home, Maravel Arts Center, as an LGBT inclusive environment. In partnership with the Hetrick-Martin Institute via generous support from the Palette Fund, activities encompass regular and structured trainings for staff, students, and students’ families, as well as signage that affirms RTKids as a welcoming environment welcoming to to all individuals regardless of sexual orientation. Four ACTE II students are designated as Student Allies, a leadership position that enables students to attend in-depth workshops on diversity and tolerance and contribute to the development of the Safe Haven Project.

Sam Scholarship

Recipients will be named Scholastic and Artistic Merit (SAM) Scholars, with one recipient selected each year by the RTKids’ executive team and board members who has consistently demonstrated excellence within the organization’s programs. The scholarship will assist students in need of “gap funding,” which is the remaining balance of funds needed to fill the gap between a student’s financial aid reward and the cost of tuition. The funds will be used to cover tuition, room and board, books, and other necessary items that come with the cost of higher education.

A Holistic Approach

Most theater programs prepare kids to be actors, dancers, or singers, but RTKids prefers to do it all. Through a range of in-school programs and programs at Maravel Arts Center, our experienced staff provides a thorough, well-rounded theater education. Moreover, we emphasize the larger triple threat of academics, nutrition, and art. With all these skills under our kids’ belts, we ensure they’re ready for success.

Additional Programs

Spotlight on Broadway

Spotlight on Broadway is Rosie’s Theater Kids program for schools that are not Title I. Schools pay a percentage the total fee based on the number of students who are not on free lunch, while RTKids underwrites the portion of students who are receiving free lunch.


RTKids is contracted by the NYC Department of Education to provide professional musical theater training to students attending Professional Performing Arts School (PPAS), a New York City public high school for the arts. Students pursuing a musical theater track visit Maravel Arts Center every afternoon to receive inspirational instruction from our professional teaching artists. RTKids is grateful to The ASCAP Foundation for its underwriting of “The ASCAP Foundation Songwriting Program at PPAS.”

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The Show Must Go On!

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